Inspired by color, nature and simplicity, my illustrations are approachable and colorful with a sweet mix of realism and whimsy.

I am self-taught but give lots of credit to online courses, trial-and-error, and daily practice. I primarily use watercolor and gouache, with the occasional pencil or ink markings.

For custom illustrations, or to license or purchase my work, please contact me at amanda [at] amandagomes . com or use this form.

Amanda Gomes Illustration • Original photo taken by Jackie Greaney •
Earring Illustration by Amanda Gomes • Delighted Creative Co.
Custom Pet Portraits • Dog Illustration by Amanda Gomes •
Watercolor Floral Bouquet Illustration by Amanda Gomes •
Amanda Gomes Watercolor Illustration • Guacamole Ingredients •
Amanda Gomes Watercolor Floral Vase Illustration •
Husky Dog Illustration by Amanda Gomes • Delighted Creative Co.
Amanda Gomes Watercolor Poppy Floral Bouquet Illustration •
Watercolor Illustration ©Amanda Gomes • surface designer + watercolor artist •


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