Inspired by color, nature and simplicity, Amanda's illustrations are approachable and colorful with a sweet mix of realism and whimsy.

She is self-taught but gives lots of credit to online courses, trial-and-error, and daily practice. She primarily uses watercolor and gouache, with the occasional pencil or ink markings.

For custom illustrations, or to license or purchase Amanda's work, please contact her at amanda [at] amandagomes . com or use this form.

Amanda Gomes Illustration • Original photo taken by Jackie Greaney •
Earring Illustration by Amanda Gomes • Delighted Creative Co.
Custom Pet Portraits • Dog Illustration by Amanda Gomes •
Watercolor Illustration ©Amanda Gomes • surface designer + watercolor artist •
Amanda Gomes Watercolor Illustration • Guacamole Ingredients •
Amanda Gomes Watercolor Floral Vase Illustration •
Husky Dog Illustration by Amanda Gomes • Delighted Creative Co.
Amanda Gomes Watercolor Poppy Floral Bouquet Illustration •


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View Amanda's PATTERNS and LETTERING work.