In the Shop: Christmas Gift Wrap

PSA: Christmas is less than six weeks away! If you're in need of wrapping paper, I've got you covered.

Okay, so this paper is seriously so pretty and thick—but not too thick. It's quality paper and won't rip at the corners of your boxes as you're wrapping. If you're a wrapping paper fan, I think you'll love these!

You can choose a set of 3 sheets for $12 or a set of 5 sheets for $18.50 and shipping is always a flat rate of only $3.95. Most of the designs are made-to-order just for you so expect to receive your paper 10-15 days from the date you place your order.  

I hope you love wrapping your gifts with these as much as I do!

Zipper Pouches

Over the summer I ordered swatches of fabric with my patterns for a potential project I decided not to move forward with (for now, at least)...but I was super happy with the fabric and loved how my designs printed on it, and thought you might too.

So I sweet talked my mom into sewing these mini zipper pouches (she said yes!), found some great quality brass YKK zippers, various fabric for lining, and we got to work.

Now I get to introduce these fun mini pouches to you which will be for sale next week when my shop opens on Wednesday 11/1. There's literally only one of each design (with a couple patterns showing up twice but in a different scale), and I have no plans to ask my mom to make more ;) so they're one of a kind and only available while they last.

They'll be available here starting on Wednesday:

Reflection and News

Here I am with my family last fall thanks to a fun photo shoot with the amazing Pictilio team. I’ve officially been a full-time mom for a year and can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

Amanda Gomes Design Family Photo by Pictilio and Shop News

It’s been a great year, although it started off pretty rough. Let’s just say I was not feeling accomplished day-to-day as a mom the same way I was in my office job. ;) But I've slowly come to a place of resetting my expectations, and even though there are days I could scream (and do), I’m truly enjoying being with my kiddos and love having so much time to discover, snuggle and play with them. They’re growing too quickly and I’m grateful to have this time with them.

I’ve also officially been painting for a year now and I'm so happy to have found something I enjoy so much. Thank YOU for following along as I share my work…it seriously means a lot that you read my posts, leave comments on Instagram, and encourage me as I go. I appreciate you.

I often get asked when I find time to work on my art when I’m home with the kids, and the answer is that I mostly paint and pattern in the evenings, early mornings or for an hour or so during the day when the kids are occupied with legos or a video, but I also have all day Wednesdays to myself, thanks to my in-laws, so that’s a dream.

On a related note, you may have seen me post about my shop that will be opening in a couple weeks, and because of that, I decided to use my own name (Amanda Gomes) online instead of Delighted Creative Co. "Delighted" came from Delighted Magazine, which I published from 2012-2014 and featured things that delighted me: interviews with small business owners, stories from moms, recipes, tutorials, and lots of other fun things. (If you’d like a peek at past issues, click HERE). In a couple of days I’ll be transitioning to my new account, so if you start seeing posts in your Instagram feed from amandagomesdesign, that's me! 😊

Thank you again for being part of my creative journey!

Coming Soon: an online Shop!

Guess what!? In the next few weeks, I'll be launching a shop, right here on my website, where you can find goodies featuring my watercolor work! To begin, I'll have stationery, art prints, and a couple other fun items.

Speaking of fun items, here's a sneak peek at some zipper pouches that will be available. I had some of my patterns printed on linen cotton canvas and am so excited about how they came out. I think you'll love them too! I'm only making about a dozen of these and don't plan on stocking more so if you'd like one, be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates or join my email list (and get free downloads while you're at it!) to find out when they'll be available.

Stay tuned...

Zipper Pouches designed by Amanda Gomes •


Fun news! For the next few days, you can email or DM me a photo or quote you'd like me to paint for you.  Your home, your pet, a hand-lettered quote, painted florals, ...or something else! Send me your photo (the photo must belong to you) and I'll choose three photos or quotes to paint from in the month of October. If your photo or quote is chosen and you're in the US, you'll get an 8x10 original painting (unframed) sent to you in early November. If you're outside the US, you'll receive an electronic file that you can have printed locally.

Photos/quotes need to be submitted by this Sunday, October 8.

Email hello [at]
Direct Message me via

Amanda Gomes Art  • Custom Painting Giveaway

My Work: Recent Sketches

I've been experimenting with sketches adding background colors in watercolor and like the extra boldness it adds to my work. I don't know if I'll make it a regular thing, but it's been fun to try.

The biggest struggle is knowing how to paint the background without it looking too messy. Some strokes and puddles look cool and others, not so much. One tip I can share is that it's obviously easier to do the background with a larger round I used a size 10 brush. The wide part gives a nice swash and the round tip helps me get around the detail areas.

Here are some of the sketches. What do you think?

Copyright Amanda Gomes • watercolor pink coat illustration
Copyright Amanda Gomes • Watercolor Cake Illustration
Copyright Amanda Gomes • plates watercolor illustration
Copyright Amanda Gomes • watercolor camellia illustration
Copyright Amanda Gomes • watercolor succulent illustration
Copyright Amanda Gomes  • Watercolor Floral Pattern


For more of my work, follow along on Instagram to see my daily sketches and patterns.

Practice Recommendation: Magazine Illustrations

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post these practice illustrations in my Stories. I've been wanting to get better at watercolor illustrations because I typically default to painting florals and fruit so I chose four magazine covers and painted them in a fairly quick style over four days. I took about 30-60 min for each. I wasn't aiming for perfect (clearly!), but instead I wanted to get the idea across and get a feel for sketching a space.

I'd love to be more comfortable painting a range of subjects, including people, animals, furniture, houses, etc. and these cover paintings are such a good idea. They have a variety of elements on each cover which make me consider depth and angles as well as figuring out how to "paint white" by leaving areas empty and painting around the white parts. There's the lettering aspect too which is fun! I'm going to continue this practice even though I probably won't keep sharing them...and I recommend you try too if you're in the same boat. Have fun!

Day 1: Real Simple

Watercolor Practice Idea: use magazine covers for lots of illustration elements
Real Simple Magazine Cover Sept 2017

Day 2: Better Homes & Gardens

Watercolor Practice Idea: use magazine covers for lots of illustration elements
Watercolor Practice Idea: use magazine covers for lots of illustration elements

Day 3: Sunset

Watercolor Practice Idea: use magazine covers for lots of illustration elements
Watercolor Practice Idea: use magazine covers for lots of illustration elements

Day 4: House Beautiful

Watercolor Practice Idea: use magazine covers for lots of illustration elements
Watercolor Practice Idea: use magazine covers for lots of illustration elements

Day 5: Martha Stewart Living

Watercolor Practice Idea: use magazine covers for lots of illustration elements
Watercolor Practice Idea: use magazine covers for lots of illustration elements