Painting Tutorial: Watercolor Leaves

I learned to paint with watercolor thanks to the internet and lots of practice. I’m grateful for the artists who shared their talent and knowledge online because it allowed me to discover this creative outlet that’s made my life more fun.

If you want to get started with watercolor, here’s a quick 1-min video that will hopefully encourage you to give it a try. Step-by-step instructions are listed below. Let’s paint leaves!


  • Green Watercolor Paint
    - Winsor & Newton Cotman Sap Green
    - Winsor & Newton Cotman Hookers Green
    - Van Gogh Permanent Yellow Green

  • 140 lb Bee Paper, Cold Pressed

  • Simply Simmons Round Brush, Size 8

  • Cup of water

  • Paper towel


  • Fill your brush with paint and water (but make sure it’s not dripping wet)

  • Start by placing the tip of the brush on the paper and apply pressure (press down) as you move the brush upward into a slight c-curve (often called a comma stroke), and lift the brush to finish

  • Do the same thing on the opposite side to make the other side of the leaf

  • Add a stem using the tip of your brush

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • And have fun!