June Tech Wallpaper Download

The June wallpaper download is here!

Watercolor Floral Tech Wallpaper Download from Delighted Creative Co.  | Amanda Gomes

This spring-into-summer watercolor floral pattern is my choice for June's tech wallpaper. I painted each of these elements individually and laid them out in Illustrator to make this pattern which is always lots of fun and rewarding. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can do with Photoshop and Illustrator. This pattern is an example of that and it makes me happy. I hope it brings a smile to you this month! Download below.


Free Download: Watercolor Floral Place Cards

Here's a set of floral place cards...just in time for your Easter brunch!

Free Watercolor Floral Place Cards • Delighted Creative Co.

These cards can be used for lots of things: assigning seats at a table, labeling food, labeling gifts, or providing direction to guests. They'll add a pop of color and fun wherever you use them. Happy celebrating!

Free Download: Watercolor Floral Placecards for Easter (or Celebration!) • Delighted Creative Co. • delightedco.com


Free Download: 2017 Printable Calendar

This year's printable calendar style is a little different than in the past because it's created from my floral painting sketches and lettering. I had fun putting it together for you and I hope it makes you smile throughout the year. Download below and enjoy!

Free 2017 Calendar with Watercolor Florals. Download, print and enjoy! Via Delighted Creative Co  •  delightedco.com
Printable 2017 Calendar • free download at DelightedCo.com

Watercolor Practice: Florals

I would love to be able to paint florals. Pretty, detailed florals. But my beginning watercolor classes just don't teach florals...I still have lots to learn. But since I'm a little impatient, I made an attempt to paint flowers without any tutorial...and here is the result.

Trying out watercolor florals. | delightedco.com

They're not that beautiful, but they do resemble flowers so I'm happy about that, for now :) 

Brush: size 8 (I think! Forgot to make a note of it)
Watercolors: Winsor & Newton Cotman Pan Set

Floral Wreath DIY

Beatrice Helman of the beatnik kitchen created the loveliest DIY for us today: Floral Wreaths! These beautiful arrangements can be hung on doors, or used as centerpieces, or even put into hair (hello wedding season!). Directions and notes are below, plus I encourage you to visit Beatrice's blog for more creative ideas.

From Beatrice: Wreaths aren’t just meant for winter. Few things say spring more than flowers, whether they be on a wall, in your hair, or in a mason jar. Instead of (or maybe in addition to), traditional flowers in a vase, try putting these floral wreaths on the wall or the door. It’s an unexpected and simple way to fill up a white wall. It’s also much easier than one would think—and you get to play with flowers for a few hours. It doesn’t get better than that!

What you need: a few feet of thick wire, depending on how large a wreath or how many wreaths you’re going to make, a foot of thin wire, wire clippers, a sheet of wire mesh, twine, needle and thread, and tape, just in case. Buy three to four bunches of flowers, in whichever color palette you prefer. Also buy one bunch of greens, whether it be berries, cherry blossom branches, or herbs. I chose rosemary and recommend it - it’s easy to work with and smells like late afternoon summer.

This is where decisions have to be made: choose either the wire or the mesh option. The wire will produce a more traditional wreath or crown shape, while the mesh will result in a half moon shape that lends itself to being a truly unique centerpiece. If you’re going to go the centerpiece route, I suggest using flowers that are similar in tone and pairing the piece with a rustic object, such as a wooden box or flower filled jars.

Recommended flowers include: herbs, lilacs, daisies, pansies, lady’s mantle, geraniums, lavender, lilies, and roses. The best flowers to use are sturdy ones with volume. Find them at local farmers markets, flower markets or even at the grocery store. 

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