Painting Tutorial: Citrus Illustration

Another 1-min video tutorial today! I absolutely love painting fruit—especially citrus and I thikn you’ll find these oranges a lot of fun to paint. I hope you give it a try!


  • Orange and Green Watercolor Paint

  • 140 lb Bee Paper, Cold Pressed

  • Simply Simmons Round Brush, Size 8

  • Cup of water

  • Paper towel


  • Fill your brush with paint and water (but make sure it’s not dripping wet)

  • Place the tip of the brush on the paper and apply pressure as you make the shape of a “c” (often called a comma stroke)

  • Add another comma stroke opposite the first and don’t quite join them at the top

  • Fill in the area with paint

  • Add a stem using just the tip of your brush

  • Add a leaf by joining two slight comma curves together and filling them in