Bento Lunches

Happy Friday! And thank you all for the great feedback on the newest issue. It was exciting to put together, in large part due to the contribution of so many creative people!

Sonia is one of talented contributors. When her son Greyson started school last year, Sonia began making the cutest lunches for him each day. I asked her to share her lunch making tips in hopes of inspiring other parents to put together something just as fun and healthy for their kids! Here's a snippet of her feature in Delighted's fall issue. The full feature is on pages 86-93.

From Sonia: "I am not the kind of mom who will spend time shaping rice into a cat, or butterflying hot dogs into octopi, or fashioning seaweed strips into a face. I care about what my kids eat and I am committed to packing healthy lunches. But it has to be easy, or it isn’t for me. Like every other mom of school-aged children, I struggle to get my child to eat at school. And while I do not consider myself a true “Bentoid” the Bentodian concept of serving “a variety of small bites” has proven to be really effective in combating the lure of recess and playtime.

The key to keeping it doable, is to have a stocked pantry, prewashed fruit in the fridge ready to go, and the right gear. I keep to the formula of one protein + one/two fruits/veggies + one carb + a treat. If I have all those components in place, I can put a lunch together in under 10 minutes, and spend all of that time just making it pretty. That’s the fun part!"

 Photos and text by Sonia Ballesteros