Banana Bread Mini Loaves

Banana bread is one of my most favorite things to bake. And I pretty much always add chocolate chips because, hey, who doesn't like a little extra sweetness? I have been using Martha Stewart's banana bread recipe for ten plus years and it has never failed me. I've substituted, added, and revised the recipe depending on the fruit or basic ingredients I have (or don't have) on hand, and have always been completely happy with the results. 

These mini versions of banana chocolate chip bread were baked in the cutest loaf pans from Sur la table. Wouldn't they be fun as valentine's goodies for friends or as favors for a valentine's weekend brunch? I think so!

Find recipe HERE.
Note: I substituted vanilla yogurt for sour cream, added chocolate chips, and baked in a convection oven at 325° for 25 minutes.