Spring Flower Box DIY

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Bright Colored Felt



Small Craft Dowels

Balsa wood


Block of foam


The first thing to do is create your flowers. The older kids can help with this part, and the younger ones can have fun watching the bright blooms come to life. There are various methods to making felt flowers, and here are just a couple I made. You can get creative with it, using fringed felt strips rolled around your craft dowels or cutting out individual petals and glueing each to a dowel. Heart shaped petals are easy to cutout and make pretty flowers.


I also added a spring bunting to our garden, anchored with yarn pompoms. To make this, I wrapped yarn around a fork about 60+ times, then secured it in the center with string. Tie the looped yarn tightly at it's center. Next, use scissors to cut all the loops, then fluff the yarn to create a ball. Trim any long strands, and finish off by glueing the pompoms to wooden dowels. Add a fun bunting of your choice.


Now it's time to make the box. Starting with the wood, cut pieces to size using your foam block as a guide. Then paint both sides of each piece. Set aside to dry.


While the wood dries, paint the top of your foam green. The idea is to cover the foam with felt flowers and greens, but this paint with camouflage any foam that may peek through. Set this aside to dry as well.


When all the paint is dry, assemble the box. Use glue to adhere each wood side to the foam. Be careful with this step, especially if you’re using hot glue. It’s best the kiddos watch this step.


Once your glue has set, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get planting! Keep going until you fill your entire planter box with your colorful blooms. The little ones can have lots of fun with this. They can plant, pick, and then re-plant their beautiful flowers!

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Photos and concept by Shaleah Soliven of

The Gold Jellybean