Gardenia and succulent box

Tomorrow is May 1 (can you believe it?) and that means May Day! The old tradition of leaving flowers on a friend or neighbor's doorstep on May Day is a sweet one. Have you ever surprised someone with flowers? Here is a beautiful way to do so. Thank you to Kiana Underwood of Tulipina for the tutorial.

- A 9x9 (or smaller) wooden box layered with plastic insert to avoid leakage
- 5-6 floral water tubes
- Mini vases/vessels
- A pair of scissors
- Gardenias on the stem
- Succulents
- Geranium leaves and other greens of your choosing

Begin by placing the mini vases inside the box and filling them with water, then fill them with the geranium leaves and your other greens.

STEPS 2 & 3
Place the succulents within the vases so that they are randomly and naturally distributed. Fill the floral water tubes with water and place the gardenias inside. Then add them to the box amongst the vases as space permits.

Ensure that the box is filled with flowers and greens in each corner as well as the center and that there are no remaining empty areas.

This box will be a beautiful piece to leave on a friend’s doorstep and should last about 7-10 days. The gardenias will smell lovely and the succulents can later be planted in soil and will continue to grow.

Kiana Underwood is the owner of Tulipina, a boutique floral design studio in San Francisco, California specializing in chic events. Kiana’s unique approach to design blends a natural and organic garden style with creative and eclectic design. She is also the editor of floral blog Naked Bouquet, which focuses on design and creative DIYs. When not designing, Kiana enjoys reading, playing the piano, and being a busy mother of three.
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Photos by Heather Zweig