Home Tour: Marcus Design Inc

Today I have the pleasure of sharing Nancy Marcus' lovely home and with you. See the full feature in the spring issue of Delighted. And stop by her blog at Marcus Design Inc. for more of her decorating finds.
How would you describe your design style? 
I've really embraced the term 'Young Traditional,' I adore the traditional look with a modern twist, a room that has been curated over time, a good mix of old and new, with a touch of Hollywood glamour.

What do you love most about decorating? 
I think my favorite part is visiting the wallpaper & fabric stores. I'm like a kid in a candy shop and it gets my wheels turning about the direction of a space.

Where do you look for design inspiration?
Nowadays it's so easy to find inspiration, I subscribe to several print magazines, I read countless online mags and blogs, and I'm constantly re-visiting my favorite designers’ websites for updated projects in their portfolios. Oh, and let's not forget Pinterest; inspiration abounds!

What room in your home is your favorite? 
My current favorite room is the living room, the place where my husband and I relax after work, entertain our guests, and snuggle up with a throw and a good movie on weekends. I love that it's a calming space with a bit of color thrown in to spice things up.

What is your favorite piece of furniture or artwork? 
My favorite piece in my home is a white mirrored cabinet I found for a great price. It's pretty to look at and it's currently housing many stacks of magazines that I can't bare to part with - storage is always a bonus!

What pieces do you splurge on? Save on? 
Splurge on items that you use daily. Things you come in contact with all the time need to hold up to wear and tear; like a sofa, your bed, or an office chair. Save on accessories that you know you may grow tired of, like tabletop trinkets and pillows, trendy items or colors to switch up by season.

You've been redecorating your home, room by room. What room did you start with and how did you decide on it? 
I think we come back to my favorite space! The living room is the largest space in the house; it's where people quickly gravitate, so we knew it needed to be welcoming and inviting. We changed lighting and floors immediately, and later added millwork on the walls for an added layer of interest.

What tip would you recommend to someone wanting to update the look of a room without redoing the whole space? 
I would suggest first trying to re-think the space; can the furniture arrangement change to better suit your needs? Could items from elsewhere in your home be brought it? And then of course, accessorize. It's amazing what the addition of artwork, fabrics, books, and other inexpensive items can do for a room. Accessories are like jewelry to an outfit, they'll bring added interest through color, texture, and pattern.

Photos by Nancy Marcus
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