Colorful Summer Centerpiece DIY

Create these cheerful, striped centerpieces with just a few supplies. The finished product will make a darling addition to your next outdoor party table setting. Thank you to Stacey of The Sunday Sparkle for the tutorial and photos! See the full feature in the summer issue of Delighted.

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Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Glass Bottles (try these from Shop Sweet Lulu)
Embroidery Twine (from you local craft store)

1. With your paintbrush, add a thin coat of mod podge to the glass surface.
 2. Cut a long strand of twine in your desired color. The length depends on how wide and how think you want your stripe. You can always add or cut your strand.
3. Place strand end in your glue, press down with your finger. Begin wrapping around the bottle, making sure your strands lay right next to each other to create a smooth look.
4. Finish your strand by adding a bit more glue to the end and press down firmly for a few seconds. 
5. Continue the process till you are finished and allow the glue to set before adding flowers.
6. Add as many colors as you desire, starting and ending the wrapping process in the same way.

Note: The twine can be reused for another project by carefully removing it from the glass bottle. Then soak the glass bottles and scrub off the mod podge glue.