Peonies and Limes Centerpiece DIY

The stylish Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha created the most gorgeous centerpiece of peonies, key limes, and greenery for the summer issue of Delighted. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make your own statement piece for your next event.

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Photos by Rustic White Photography

Euca Willow
Greeny Dianthus Barb
Viumum Opulus
Key Limes
Floral Scissors
Foam Oasis Bricks or Individual Vases
Skewers or Plant Stakes (kabob skewers from the grocery store work!)
Large Vase (Pottery Barn's Whittier Mercury Glass Vase is used here)

1. Fill the vase with warm water. Warm water helps to speed along the blooming process which helps if your peonies are not yet open.
2. Apply tape to the top of your vase in a large criss-cross pattern. If you are using a smaller vase, this step isn't necessary.
3. Trim the leaves off of the peonies, only leaving a few at the top of the flower. Then trim the height of the peonies to fit your vase size. You want them to fill the vase as evenly as possible. When cutting flowers, always cut on a 45-degree angle and above the nodes or joints.
4. Place peonies evenly into the criss-cross tape pattern on your vase.
5. Trim the dianthus and viumum opulus and begin placing into the holes between the peonies. The stems of the viumum opulus may not touch the water, so you can either fill individual vessels full of water for these or soak your foam oasis brick in water and position it high enough in the vase to allow the stems to reach it.
6. Skewer the limes onto the skewers or plant stakes and place into the vase through the arrangement.
7. Cut 1-2 stems of euca willow, then carefully lift the peonies and insert them into the front of the vase.

Note: Depending on how open your peonies are, this arrangement should last 4-8 days.