Little Girls Bedroom Tour

Caroline and Eva's charming rooms were designed by their mom, Marianne Brown, of White + Gold Design.

In Marianne's words, the most successful rooms in your homes will always be achieved by putting a lot of thought and meaning into the space. Decorating just to decorate is never as fulfilling as decorating with the person in mind and infusing a lot of personal touches that will enrich the lives of those living in the room. Design-wise, Marianne chose comfort over style, and didn't go over the top. She wanted a sort of simpleness and calmness to be communicated to the girls through the decor in their room. 

My favorite feature of Caroline's bedroom is her bed. It was mine when I was young, and my parents had bought it at an estate sale in Washington D.C., so it's quite old. It used to be white with the rope detail painted green and I decided to paint it a french blue with white rope detail because I thought it would be a fun color combination with the red and white custom-made striped duvet. 

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In decorating Caroline and Eva's rooms, Marianne focused on the following:

COLOR:  I am normally drawn to very classic, neutral spaces but with my girls rooms I wanted to use happy colors. There is something about the rooms of sweet children that deserve to be peaceful and happy places. That's why I used some bright colors but made sure there was still a nice calming feel to it at the same time. 

NOSTALGIA: I love vintage pieces in my girls rooms. Things that I grew up with, and even things their grandmothers had when they were young (like the Bunnykins china, the blue bed was mine when I was young, and vintage framed art and photos). I think it helps give them a sense of where they came from and besides, vintage pieces have a sweet innocent quality to them. 

CLEANLINESS: With how messy their playroom gets, I wanted the girls bedrooms' to be clean in both decor and clutter and germs. I remember reading a few articles that said you sleep better when your room is clean and free of distraction, so that is exactly what I aimed for with both of their bedrooms. At times I feel like their walls need more decor or I want to put a cute play tent, but I feel like those decor items might be better in the playroom. 

EVA'S ROOM (Age 2)
My favorite feature of Eva's room is the newest feature in her room - her Pottery Barn Everywhere Chair and cute wicker basket that holds her books. I created a little reading corner for her and I often find her in her little comfy chair looking at the pictures in her books and pretending to read the story. When I bought the chair I never realized how much having a space for her to sit and read would become one of her favorite things to do. And it's my favorite thing to see!


Girls Bedroom by Marianne Brown via Delighted Magazine
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Design and Photos courtesy of Marianne Brown.

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