A Love Story: Joe and Sin

Bride: Sin Lee Loh, 27
Groom: Joe Blubaugh, 28
Engagement Date: November 17, 2011
Wedding Date: June 14, 2014
Wedding Location: Mountain View, CA
Photoshoot Location: San Francisco, CA

Photos by Caroline Egan Dahlberg of Coeur de La Photography

Delighted Engagement Story
Delighted Engagement Story
Delighted Engagement Story

The First Meeting

A mutual friend invited us both to a Matt & Kim concert at the Mezzanine in 2010 and we hung around a crepe cart and chatted after the show. We kept running into each other all summer long and started dating shortly before Sin returned home to Malaysia for 10 months!

The First Date

Joe had been bragging about how much better fresh pasta is than the dry kind and invited Sin over to make some for dinner with him. He was prepping the dough before she arrived and had a mishap with the food processor. When Sin came in, the kitchen was a bit of a bloody mess. Not the most elegant of first dates, but she gave him a few more chances to win her over.

Engagement Story

Joe had been ring shopping for a little while and had just received the finished ring - unbeknownst to Sin. We went to see "Like Crazy", a movie about an American and an Englishwoman who fall for each other and then get separated because of visa issues. (Ironic, huh?) We went back to Sin's apartment and were talking about the movie, including things like cultural disconnects in relationships and Joe just felt like the time was right to ask. There was a little bit of a shocked silence during which he got really nervous, but Sin said yes!

Engagment Photo Details

When our photographer Caroline of Coeur de La Photography suggested the Flora Grubb Gardens in the Bayview as a shooting location, we knew it'd be perfect. We keep a pretty large patio garden, including three different succulent arrangements and we love the variety and beauty of the dry-weather plants. 

Bride's Favorite Characteristics of the Groom
Joe is kind, goofy, and has an awesome head of hair.

Groom's Favorite Characteristics of the Bride
Sin is funny, ambitious, and full of love.

Wedding Colors
Coral and Green

Outdoor or Indoor Wedding
Outdoors at the Rengstorff House

Honeymoon destination
We are also getting married in Malaysia and are going to spend some time in Vietnam and Cambodia for our honeymoon.

Delighted Engagement Story
Delighted Engagement Story
Delighted Engagement Story