Baby Shower

If you are planning to take advantage of the last few weeks of summer before moving your parties indoors, why not be inspired by some of Rufflewood's ideas for hosting a simple but classic garden event? Featured on pages 66-75 in our summer issue, the photos and free printable are a great place to start!

Find carnations, tulips, or any blooms with great texture at your local farmers market. Snip and arrange in a casual pail. We found ours at Ikea. Be sure to add enough water to last through a sunny day.

Open faced sandwiches, homemade cookies, a salad, and fresh fruit are perfect for a shower. Easy to prepare and always delicious.

Using real dishes, utensils and glassware will make your event feel more special. Use what you have in your cabinet or borrow from your mom or grandma for a nostalgic touch. Same goes for the tablecloths and linens. We found ours at Rufflewood. An added perk - real is more sustainable than paper or plastic!

Using cohesive paper elements will add an element of thoughtfulness to any event. From the invitation to the place cards, be sure your paper items work together to create the style you want. Use the free baby shower printable from Rufflewood.

Design by Rufflewood | Photos by Manus Chau Photography