Linzy's Cheerfully Modern Studio

Linzy is an architectural designer from San Francisco and created a living space that is not only stylish but super functional...and it's small! See pages 14-27 of Delighted's summer issue for more photos.

Interview with Linzy Griswold

Age: 32

City: San Francisco

Profession: Architectural Designer

How would you describe your decorating style?

Cheerfully modern

Where do you look for design inspiration?

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by design inspiration every day as part of my profession, however I find the best source of inspiration is an accidental encounter best discovered by looking around…Also, I am a close follower of design/photography/fashion blogs, love to follow local artists, and most of all, find inspiration from travel.

How many square feet is your studio?

450 sf (there’s no better activity for a foggy Sunday than measuring one’s apartment!)

What key features did you look for when choosing a studio?

Location, price (out of necessity), an updated kitchen (hello dishwasher!) and decent mid-day light, although the adjacent buildings are a stone’s throw away.

What feature in your current apartment is your favorite?

Tall ceilings, although standard to many older San Francisco apartments, helps the space appear larger than it is. Also, I was able to find a studio with a dining nook that allows me to entertain without feeling too crowded. I must admit, the saving grace of my studio is the oversized walk-in closet, which was originally a sleeping alcove and now houses all my clothes, shoes and books. 

What decorating tips would you give to other studio dwellers?

Before you move into a studio, purge! Also, if possible, the furniture should be proportionate to the space so that the rooms are not cluttered. Try experimenting with pops of color and do not be afraid to mix things up a bit from season to season. One can always rotate art on the walls and change out pillows or a bedspread so that the space feels new again. Make your space personal by creating small vignettes on shelves or tables and add touches of greenery with low-maintenance plants (succulents and air plants are simple, sculptural and work with many types of décor).  Don’t forget about fresh flowers…a never-fail means for instant rental blues therapy.

What pieces do you splurge on? Save on?

I try to take advantage of design discounts whenever possible (hence the Eames chairs I have started collecting). Spend a bit more on pieces that you can foresee having in 15 years…and save on items that may be temporary.

What is your favorite piece of furniture or artwork?

This is a tough one…The New York bandshell photograph my boyfriend took that reminds me of New York in a subtle way, some prints by Jay Ryan that give a youthful feel to my space and the handblown glass hanging terrarium in my kitchen.

Interview with Linzy Griswold | Photos by Steve Spiering