From the Desk of: Sarah of Hello Monday

Creative duo Sarah Kim-Puangsuvan and Lindsay Pruitt opened their design studio, 

Hello Monday

, earlier this year. Combining their talents, they offer creative branding, website design and marketing services. Today we get a glimpse into Sarah's office and a chance to find out a bit about her work style. See the full feature in the 

summer issue

 of Delighted.

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Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

My design partner, Lindsay and I started a graphic and web design studio called

Hello Monday

Creative back in January. We are a full-service design studio with projects ranging from branding/ print/marketing to web and blog design. I create all the design aesthetics for clients and Lindsay is the web coding guru and makes everything come to life! 

What does a typical work day look like for you? 

My typical work day starts with me waking up around 8 or 9 in the morning and going for a run (if the weather permits). Then I make myself a big green smoothie for breakfast and take about 30 minutes to check and reply to emails. Lindsay and I get on Skype to chat or have a video conference while working on our client's projects throughout the day. Usually, I am able to finish up at my desk around 5 or 6pm and I try not to check email or work late once my husband comes home for work. It's still a fine line I've been working on ever since we started Hello Monday. When our work load gets busy and when you work at the comforts of your own home, sometimes it's just difficult to step away from desk and it's easy for me to work very late into the night. My creative juices tend to kick in more at night time too! 

When setting-up your workspace, what was most important? 

I would say the most important factor was setting up my desk in a room with lots of natural light. Luckily, the room we use for the office gets tons of light which is not only great for taking photos, but also makes me feel more energized. Another important factor is having a clutter-free work area. I found a beautiful white desk from CB2 that has one slim drawer where I can store my notebooks and wacom tablet when I'm not using it. My husband is the complete opposite of me and it drives me nuts when he needs to use my desk. I know, a bit possessive but there's just something about a clean, clutter-free workspace that feeds positive energy to my workflow!

What is your favorite thing about your workspace?

All the white, clutter-free workspace! And my giant iMac screen. It takes workflow to a whole new level!

Is there anything you would change about your workspace? If so, what?

Most definitely! We knew when we moved into our current apartment that it would not be a long-term place. We have been moving around every year and because of that, I didn’t have much motivation to completely decorate my office the way I wanted. We recently found out that we will be moving to Seattle and it will most likely be a permanent place for us. So I'm definitely looking forward to hanging framed wall art. And I've always wanted to put up a wall collage of inspiring images. Of course, I'd also love to add a white leather Eames lounge chair to my office…I am working on that!

What tips can you share for keeping yourself as efficient as possible?

If my office is cluttered, I get distracted and it hinders me from finding books, objects, supplies, or whatever I'm needing at a particular time. By having everything organized, labeled, and structured, I find that my creative process flows so much more efficiently. I purchase storage boxes from Ikea that are neatly labeled and used for storing all my supplies. Also my Ikea bookshelves are a life saver! I can't live without my design books so it's nice to have all my resource books within easy reach. I also collect tea tins and use them to hold markers and pens. Old stationery boxes also have helped me store stationery cards, stamps and business cards in a more organized way. I find the key is making sure everything is easy to find!

What tips can you share for balancing work and personal life?

I'm still working on this one…when my husband comes home from work, he  me to be off the computer so that we can spend some quality time without any distractions. I make an effort to designate "office hours" for myself and clients. I give myself an hour lunch break and also mini breaks within 9-6pm to walk our dogs. For me, working from home can take a bit more discipline to strike that work and personal life balance. I would say the best tips are to be disciplined, give yourself set work hours, and dressing up as if you are actually going to work at an office helps a lot! It's all about turning your mindset to "work mode".

When not at your desk, you can be found...

Either meeting friends, spending time with my husband, going for a run, or in the kitchen cooking!