A Sweet and Simple Brunch

Here it is: a little brunch inspiration and tips for keeping it sweet and simple.


Why not choose a color or two and make that your theme? Colored paper chains will make a fun and festive backdrop for your buffet table. And if you have kids, this is something they would love to help with! For centerpieces, find baskets or containers around your house and fill them with whatever fresh flowers are available at your local farmer's market or grocer. If you don't have colored plates (or even if you do), consider using 

linen napkins

, in a color other than white, to add some brightness to each place setting. And to style a glass serving piece, tape colored paper to the bottom of the glass for a little visual interest (see the tiered platter below).



Yogurt Parfaits

Raspberry Tart

Berry Muffins

Spinach Salad

Coffee and OJ

To cut down on prep time, pick a menu that doesn't keep you in the kitchen too long. For instance, my berry muffins are made with a store bought muffin mix. I added a blackberry on top of each to give them a little personality. The raspberry tart? Trader Joe's. And yogurt parfaits are just a mix of yogurt, granola and fresh fruit.

Voila! A cheerful weekend brunch set-up for a casual gathering with friends, or even a wedding or baby shower. Have fun!

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