Tech Download: Fall is Here!

Technically, fall has been here. But now it's starting to actually feel like it. And Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Today at work we started a "window of thanks", meaning we posted sticky notes to a hallway window and wrote what we are thankful for in 2014. This season is the best for many reasons, but I particularly enjoy that gratitude is "in". 

In honor of the season and because gratefulness is great, here is yet another reminder to give thanks on the regular: a free wallpaper design for your iPad , iPhone or computer. Happy Thanksgiving!


Note: This wallpaper is for personal use only. You are welcome to share and pin your heart out as long as you credit and link back to Please feel free to use the image(s) in this post on your blog but do not provide the download link. Instead, link back to this page. Thank you!