July Citrus Tech Walllpaper

July! Already. (As I say every month.) After a great 4th of July weekend with my family and in-laws, I'm back home with the kids and my husband for a full month of family time. He's a teacher and I'm now a stay-at-home mom, so we decided to take our 4-year old out of preschool for the month and spend some quality time together. 

Happy tech wallpaper: free download at delightedco.com

We have some fun day activities planned in the bay area and will also be doing lots of neighborhood activities (mainly the park and bakery stops :) as well as some visiting with family. And of course, my husband and I will trade kid duties here and there so we both get some time to ourselves. 

For instance, I currently have our home to myself while he is with the kids visiting his grandma a couple cities away. I've had some time to paint and also need to get a few other things checked off my list, such as posting the July download. These citrus slices are cheerful and make me smile inside and I hope they do the same for you.

As usual, I have an iPad, iPhone and desktop version available for download. Sign-up below for the link and enjoy!


June Tech Wallpaper Download

The June wallpaper download is here!

Watercolor Floral Tech Wallpaper Download from Delighted Creative Co.  | Amanda Gomes

This spring-into-summer watercolor floral pattern is my choice for June's tech wallpaper. I painted each of these elements individually and laid them out in Illustrator to make this pattern which is always lots of fun and rewarding. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can do with Photoshop and Illustrator. This pattern is an example of that and it makes me happy. I hope it brings a smile to you this month! Download below.


Free Download: Watercolor Lemon Tech Wallpaper

It's May and this month's freebie is a cheerful lemon wallpaper for your iPhone, desktop computer or iPad. Choose the version with or without a calendar and enjoy!

Free Tech Wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, or Desktop. Watercolor lemon pattern by Amanda Gomes • Delighted Creative Co.

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Free Download: Watercolor Floral Place Cards

Here's a set of floral place cards...just in time for your Easter brunch!

Free Watercolor Floral Place Cards • Delighted Creative Co.

These cards can be used for lots of things: assigning seats at a table, labeling food, labeling gifts, or providing direction to guests. They'll add a pop of color and fun wherever you use them. Happy celebrating!

Free Download: Watercolor Floral Placecards for Easter (or Celebration!) • Delighted Creative Co. • delightedco.com


Free Download: February Tech Wallpapers

My rosebud pattern is making it's debut in this month's freebie. And while I realize roses are a bit cliche for Valentine's month, I'm partial to sweet floral styles and the pattern does fit the season—so I went with it. There are two options for you to choose from for your iPhone and desktop computer. Have a wonderful February!

Free Tech Wallpaper for Valentines Month by Amanda Gomes • Delighted Creative Co.

Free Download: 2017 Printable Calendar

This year's printable calendar style is a little different than in the past because it's created from my floral painting sketches and lettering. I had fun putting it together for you and I hope it makes you smile throughout the year. Download below and enjoy!

Free 2017 Calendar with Watercolor Florals. Download, print and enjoy! Via Delighted Creative Co  •  delightedco.com
Printable 2017 Calendar • free download at DelightedCo.com